TorcUP TX Series

TorcUP TX Series

TorcUP TX Series

The original and unmatched truly flat hydraulic torque wrench


TorcUP TX Series

Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench

The TX series is the “go-to” wrench when standard industrial torque tools are limited by size in their ability to engage the fastener. The TX eliminates issues around the nut, behind the nut and above the nut. On applications with extended stud protrusion, the TX easily slips over to get the torque applied with an accuracy of +/-3%.
A tool with multiple personalities

TX Features

The Flattest And Most Tight Fitting Hydraulic Bolting Tool In The Industry

When designing the TX series every application obstruction was taken into consideration. Every unnecessary and cumbersome component was eliminated which created a tool with multiple personalities! The TX prides itself on fitting where others can not and applying vast amounts of torque unheard of by most. All the while still being the most field serviceable tool capable of being utilized and maintained in some of the most demanding environments around the globe. Add to that a tight tolerance torque output that is repeatable over and over year after year.

TX Series Specifications

Part numberTX-1TX-2TX-4TX-8TX-16TX-32TX-45
Minimum Torque(Ft/lbs)45192395830156032204850
Maximum Torque (Ft/lbs)560192839508630166003565047380
Minimum Torque (Nm)612605351125215543656575
Maximum Torque (Nm)7592614535511699225034832764239
Output Accuracy+-3%+-3%+-3%+-3%+-3%+-3%+-3%
Duty Cycle100%100%100%100%100%100%100%
Cylinder Weight (lbs)1.003.506.0011.7016.0026.0029.00
Cylinder Weight (Kg)
Link Weight From (lbs)
Link Weight To (lbs)
Link Weight From (Kg)0.451.
Link Weight To (Kg)0.451.53.46.513.017.917.9
Hex Range From1/2″ / 13mm3/4″ / 19mm1″ / 27mm1 7/8″ / 49mm2 3/16″ / 55mm3 1/8″ / 80mm3 1/8″ / 80mm
Hex Range To2″ / 50mm2 9/16″ / 65mm3 1/8″ / 80mm4 5/8″ / 120mm5 5/16″ / 135mm7 7/8″ / 200mm7 7/8″ / 200mm