C80 Catwalk &

Tubular Handling System

From the pipe rack to the drill floor, GTE Catwalk Systems enable a “hands-o” approach to Tubular Running Services (TRS). The TRS is not only safer and simplified, with the C80 Triple CATWALK you can speed productivity to astonishing results as it has a maximum tubular string length of 100ft
The Top Drive elevator takes over the tubular lifting as the Triple Catwalk oers the tubes right up to the drill floor. Temporary storage of the tubulars in the mouse hole is no longer necessary and this again decreases handling and drives up productivity.
The C80 Triple CATWALK was specifically designed and fabricated to meet the productivity and safety needs of some of the biggest players in drilling. The design utilised the best technologies and stress analysis together 3-D modelling. The “Triple” refers to the extraordinary capacity to load a string of 3 tubulars to the rig floor at any one time delivering up to 100 ft in one lifting cycle. Our catwalks are designed for fast rig-up and rig down and we also oer a range for optional equipment including the Skid Walking System for finite alignment.