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Pressure Testing, Pickling, Passivation, Hot Oil Flushing, Nitrogen Purging, Water Flushing

Pipeline services are one of our core strengths, we are well equipped with an expert and experienced team and service machines engineered in house to meet most demanding requirements. We undertake Hot oil flushing for line sizes upto 1 0", operates skids with over 3000 LPM flow rating with filtrat ion capacities upto 3 microns and are equipped with calibrated contamination monitors that give an accurate measurement of the NAS/ISO class required by the system. In addition to Oil flushing , we also offer Water flushing , Pneumatic and Hydraulic pressure testing for pipe lines and pipe spools.

Chemical cleaning (pickling and passivation) also hold an important role in our pipeline services, as these are offered as a finishing service after our specialized piping projects. We operate skids with over 3000 LPM flow, and can service lines upto 1 0" bore, with a site laboratory for accurate results and nitrogen purging and drying as add on services.